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Posted June 30th, 2015, by Marie C. Collins


What are readers saying about A Brief Stay at Earth Human Camp?


“Readers will enjoy the adventure in this story, as well as the danger aspect. They will root for the characters to use the skills they have learned to survive, and will wish it was really them at this camp, learning and making friends and having special powers.”

Janelle Fila for Readers’ Favorite

A Brief Stay at Earth Human Camp is the Sci-fi Version of Harry Potter – Excellent!!”

Bri Wignall, Natural Bri (Blog Review)

“[T]he novel has the feel of the work of Dr. Seuss or Roald Dahl … The similarities really are impressive … It was an incredible book, one that makes me very excited to read the rest of the series.”

TeenBookReviewer (Blog Review)

“This book is a gem … Ms. Collins is a very engaging writer and I would recommend her to fans of Rick Riordan & J. K. Rowling.”

“Amazon Customer” (Amazon Review)

“What can I say … this author knows how to write a page turner for young teens! This is a book that pulls you in by the characters and a plot that keeps giving.”

Purple Pen Book Reviews (Blog Review)

A Brief Stay at Earth Human Camp will pull you into a world of children and adventure! … Alien children kick butt!”

City Life Reader (Blog Review)

“This was such a fantastic, FANTASTIC book! I enjoyed every sentence from start to finish … I found it almost impossible to look away from my screen and read the whole book in only a few sittings. … I would love to read more about these characters and the Farbookonians!”

Rachael, Elementaread (Blog Review) (Review contains substantial spoilers.)

“I LOVE it … it’s hard to put down … If you’ve ever felt left out, didn’t belong, this book you will identify with. … Can’t wait for #2”

C. Franklin (Amazon Review)

“Teens and tweens will identify with this story, as it is full of activities and mystery with each turn of the page. … It is best discovered by the reader the wondrous details and unfolding of events of this intriguing book.”

Lisa’s Kids’ Book Reviews (Amazon Review)

“I enjoy this page turner of a book. … this is a great all-around story. Good for anyone want[ing] an adventure story, perfect for sleep away camp!”

Sunshy Book Reviews (Blog Review)

“This is a story I think kids, pre-teens and teens will enjoy. … The characters are great!”

The Book Swap (Blog Review)

“This is a wonderful book … a good summer read for readers who like strong lead kid character[s] that tell a story of friendship!”

A Cup of Tea and a Book (Blog Review)

“[A] great story that was not only lovely to read but written brilliantly.”

Kat, Inside the Mind of Kat Green (Blog Review)

“A very unique story! … I would highly recommend this book!”

Jacqui (Amazon Review)

“This book proves to be a fast-moving piece of fiction that inspires the imagination, manages to keep the reader’s attention all the way to the last page and, with the surprise ending, leaves one looking forward to, hopefully, a sequel!”

RoxClan (Amazon Review)

“My son who is about 9 developmentally wants to know when the movie will come out. He said, while I read it to him, that he could see it in his mind. High praise from him.”

S. Rivers/LucyMermaid (Amazon Review)

“Marie’s unique concept and storytelling skills moved the book along at a great pace, and had me enthralled from start to finish.”

Jen Redmile (Amazon Review)

“You don’t realize how much coming-of-age stories influence you until you’re an adult looking back on your teenage years. … there are some great lessons in maturity and learning to be courageous that young adults can take away from this book. Overall a great read.”

Ann Livi Andrews (Blog Review)

“Thrilling and captivating! … A Brief Stay at Earth Human Camp is truly a masterful work … this expertly woven story captured me and kept me involved, kept me there in the pages …”

Allyn (Amazon Review)

“Mysterious events are known to happen in the NJ Pine Barrens, but who knew it could be this mysterious and adventurous.”

Karen Hartl (Amazon Review)

“Well told story that will keep readers young and old glued to the pages. … Amazing job.”

P.S. Winn (Amazon Review)

“The setting itself was fantastic. Reading this, I felt like I was back at camp myself, only the food in this version was better.”

Alicia (GoodReads Review)

A Brief Stay at Earth Human Camp … will hold the attention of readers from the beginning to the very end … it is a highly enjoyable novel that will likely appeal to a broad audience.”

Douglas Cobb, Guardian Liberty Voice (Newspaper Review)

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