The “Real” George Eliot

As someone who works in a home office, my dogs are very important to me. They are by my side all day, anticipate my actions, and — well, always say the right things (wink, wink).

When I started writing a book, they very naturally followed me into the pages.

This is the “real” George Eliot (well, the REAL George Eliot was a Victorian woman writer who used a male pen name to publish her books, but I am talking about the real life version of one of the dogs in A Brief Stay at Earth Human Camp).
As dogs go, she’s very special. (I mean, who doesn’t love a dog with freckles and red eyelashes?) And she’s super smart.

So why did I name her George Eliot? I didn’t intend it to seem classy or high-minded. I have a pretty simple sense of humor. It just cracked me up to have such a dignified name on a such an undignified creature — and to have a dog with a pen name!

True story: When Georgie was a puppy, my daughter and I got a kick out of this. When we walked George Eliot around town, someone would inevitably say, “What a cute dog! What’s his name?”

To which one of us would reply: “It’s a girl.”

Then the person would say: “Oh! What’s her name?”

And we would try to say with a straight face: “George!”

Yes, that’s the sense of humor in a nutshell, I’m afraid.

Georgie is ten years old now, and over the years we’ve dubbed her with many nicknames, but the one we like best is Georgie Girl. She has a glam side. This is her in one of what I call her “pin-up girl” poses.
P.S. The Reades’ other pet — Charlotte Bronte (aka Lottie) — is fictional, but my other real dog, Henry James, will be one of several dog characters in Book 2. And since it’s very like Henry to want attention whenever Georgie gets some, I’ll include a picture of the handsome boy here as well.

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