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    • Hi, José! I think you have to keep in mind that Camp Wannabelikem is an international camp. A lot of times, kids get really homesick at camp, and familiar foods can make them feel more at home. Even though the camp is in New Jersey, if it only served American food, kids from other countries might find the menu very strange. You know? I think the foods sound fancy to some of us because they’re different than what we’re used to. But the kids who come from the countries the foods represent would probably see them as ordinary. And by the way, they are all delicious!

    • Hi, Emily! You must be referring to the description of the kids when they first arrive at camp — “Tanks, tee-shirts, hoodies; shorts, chinos, jeans.” Right? Chinos are slacks made of a smooth cotton with a “fly” style zipper and side slash pockets. They come in a lot of variations (color, leg width), but the traditional ones are those khaki pants people think of as “preppie.” Check out this picture on Wikipedia. I hope that helps!

    • Thanks for your questions, Caroline!

      In the first week of January, it’s very easy to say with confidence that Yes, I’m on track to finish Book 2 at the end of 2015! (Wink, wink). I’ll post updates on my progress as the year progresses.

      The Globots are indeed returning — with a few new tricks up their sleeves!

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