Welcome, Readers!

Welcome, readers!

I’m so glad you decided to join us — especially if it’s your first visit here!

I really enjoy interacting with readers and hope you’ll feel comfortable sharing your comments and questions about my book and about writing with me.

While you’re here:

  • Take a peek at the “extras” I’ve posted.
  • Read questions other readers have asked, as well as my answers.
  • Share a comment or question of your own.

For example, you may want to ask about:

  • My book — a character, a plot element, or some other detail.
  • Me — my writing process, my plans for future books, my life, my dogs.
  • Writing in general or as a career.

There are no stupid questions here. The question you ask, or comment you make, is bound to be one someone else is thinking about — but is too afraid to share.

My perspective on reading is this: It’s a very personal thing! Reading a book is a lot like hanging out with a writer for a while — or even spending a little time in their minds. The things that interest me, how I think, the words I like, even the things that I find funny or scary — may all be different for you than they are for me. And when we read for pleasure, we often like to be in the mind of someone who is similar to us.

Consequently, some of you will like my book a lot, and some of you will like it less! I want to hear about it either way. Even if it was not your thing, or something about what happened in the story bothered you, or you wish it went another way, feel free to say that.

There’s only one rule here: Remember that behind every question another reader asks, behind every opinion another reader shares, are someone’s feelings. And behind my book, there’s me — a flesh-and-blood Earth human (or perhaps a Farbookonian …). Comment on anything you like — even something another reader shares — just please be fair and kind when you do.

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts!

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